Our mission is to ensure that the Jewish community of Greater Harrisburg flourishes by serving as its central unifying communal organization, and by strengthening the bonds within our community and with Israel and Jews around the world.


Our vision is to create a strong and supportive community sheltered under the umbrella of the Federation providing financial, cultural, and physical support to the organizations and individual members in the Capital region and internationally, promoting the quality of Jewish life.


Guiding Principles of the Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg


Our Guiding Principles in carrying out this Mission, with the goal of realizing our Vision, are:


1. Strengthening Jewish Engagement. Ensure all members of the community feel welcome by regularly reaching out to seniors, parents with young children, empty nesters, unaffiliated and new members of the community, etc. We shall continue to explore unmet needs and work to open doors to all Jews in the region.


2. Inspiring a committed and giving community through financial resource development and volunteerism. Encourage a culture of giving that inspires members to contribute their time, talents, gifts and financial resources. Develop a community of caring committed leaders to fulfill the Mission and achieve the Vision


3. Caring for our Jewish community and responding to crises at home and around the world. Inspire a community that seeks to help those in need through a commitment to the Jewish ideals of tzedakah (justice/charity), chessed (acts of loving kindness),areivut (mutual responsibility) and tikkun olam ("repairing the world" – making the world a better place); by urgently responding to Jewish needs in Harrisburg, Israel and around the world.


4. Strengthening the Jewish community through collaboration, communal learning and planning. When appropriate, we will approach solutions collectively through teams, brainstorming ideas and seeking to learn from one another. Work in cooperation with communal organizations such as synagogues, schools, community centers and governments to develop collaborative planning. Nurture a learning community that encourages lifelong study (Talmud Torah) of Jewish history, values and culture through a community wide effort to provide a wealth of high-quality formal and informal educational opportunities.


5. Inspiring the Jewish Community through regular and consistent communication of the Federation’s values, goals and priorities. Communicate a forward looking vision of hope and commitment that brings the best of the community’s past to the service of the future. Utilize traditional and new media technologies to explain the Federation mission, strategies, priorities and processes.


6. Supporting the Jewish Community Center. Support the JCC mission to engage the community in healthful Jewish living through multiple pathways such as recreational, social, cultural and educational programs.