The Harrisburg JCC and Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg has teamed up with the Osher Marin JCC to bring you programming from their series, the National JCC Adult & Senior Alliance, which offers an array of interesting, engaging, educational, sometimes delicious, and often, just plain fun programs for continued growth and learning; educational and entertaining classes, workshops, activities, and cultural arts trips to enrich life.


Guests may explore a new topic, connect with others, even discover a new passion. JCC members, non-members, those who live close or far, people of all background, faiths, ethnicities, hair colors, fashion choices, chocolate preferences, etc. - All are welcome to join in our activities!


Click on the title of a program to learn more and to register! Contact Cheryl with any questions at 717-236-9555 x 3115.

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    Raised as a Jewish kid in Queens, NY, Burt Bacharach gravitated towards music. First, it was jazz. He then went on to become a composer, songwriter, record producer, and ...