1 2021

3pm Terrific Tastings: Bountiful BBQ Beef

3:00PM - 4:15PM  

Terrific Tastings: Bountiful BBQ Beef 

Sunday, August 1 

12-1:15pm (PT), 1-2:15pm (MT), 2-3:15pm (CT), 3-4:15pm (ET) 

Order by Sun, July 18th! 


Let us deliver a curated collection of delicious Kansas City BBQ beef, sauce (and maybe another goodie) to your doorstep. Then, join a delicious discussion & even more delicious guided tasting for Sunday brunch or Sunday supper (depending on your time zone) with culinary host James Sokol and a special guest Head Chef who has spent countless hours on the barbecue pit, working to achieve the delicate balance between heat, smoke and fire that is responsible for creating some of Kansas City’s most famous barbecue.