19 2022

4PM Still Traveling: Broadway's New Victory Theater

4:00PM - 5:15PM  

Save! Get an "Early Bird" ticket before May 17th! 

There is perhaps no other theater in New York City that charts Broadway's rise, fall, and rise again better than The New Victory Theater. Let our trip leader James Sokol zoom you to the heart of Manhattan to meet and "tour" with Tim Dolan for a virtual deep dive through 122 years of theatre history exploring the secrets and stories from Times Square's oldest theater. 

Featuring some of Broadway's most famous showmen, from Oscar Hammerstein I to Harry Houdini, and animal antics, from horses centerstage to cows on the roof, these theater walls are talking and the stories are not to be believed. Add in some rare photos and a few trivia questions and Tim is sure to keep you on the edge of your couch or recliner!  

Don’t miss this new “tour” with our adored, dynamic, professional guide, a “walking encyclopedia of Broadway!” 

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