17 2020

AJC Advocacy Anywhere: Enough is Enough: The Case for Banning Hezbollah

11:00AM - 1:00PM  

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No org in the world today with more innocent blood on its hands than Hezbollah. There is no terrorist org that has attained a higher level of intern'l legitimacy w its "political wing" operating w impunity on the European continent. How can the US & like minded allies make a case for the full designation of Hezbollah as a terrorist org? Join in a discussion w Amb Nathan Sales, US State Dept's Coord for Counterterrorism, RT Hon Sajid Javid MP, UKs Chancellor of the Exchequer & Home Sec'y & Hans-George Engelke, German State Sec'y at the Federal Ministry of the Interior,
No fee to attend. NOTE: We are using WebEx for this Advocacy Anywhere program. Please use this link to register. Once you click the link, you will then need to click “Register” under “Event Status”.

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