Nachshon Society


Is a group of families and individuals who have made a gift to the Federation’s Annual Campaign totaling a minimum of $100,000 over a period of ten years.

The Nachshon Society has taken its name from Nachshon ben Aminadab, the man who the rabbis teach was the first into the Red Sea when the Israelites were reluctant to cross at the command of Moses. The rabbis have extolled Nachshon as an example of true leadership, declaring that he was the first to spring into the Red Sea when the people hesitated to cross at the command of Moses.


This group of leaders through their continual support of the annual campaign have helped to build a foundation and investment for future generations in the Harrisburg Jewish Community.


Year after year, the Federation and the diverse programs it supports,  such as programming for children and adults of all ages, depend upon the unwavering generosity of these donors. They are the foundation of the Annual Campaign and their gifts are critical to the continued vitality of the Greater Harrisburg Jewish Community. The Federation is proud to have created the Nachshon Society to recognize them and express its deep appreciation for their leadership.


Current List of members.