Richard Wilson

For more than 20 years, from 1962 until 1983, director-choreographer, Richard Wilson, shepherded hundreds of teenagers - and more than a few adults as well - through our first (and often our second, third, and fourth) on-stage theatrical experiences, in the annual teen musicals at the JCC. Richard left an indelible impression. He glided through space like the dancer he was. His voice could be stern; his grin was infectious. No one did head-in-hands exasperation better, but no one could have encouraged us more. He demanded our best effort and he got it – we made each other proud. In what many consider the heyday of teen activity at the JCC, Richard Wilson was a dynamic force, and he will be long remembered with great respect and with love.


A Gift from many years’ worth of Casts, Crews, Colleagues, and Friends. 

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