Selma Finkelstein


Selma, was a sister, aunt, wife, and adoring mother of her only son, Edward. She never had her own daughter but was sought out by several of Harrisburg's young women for the use of her couch always lending an ear and dispensing motherly advice. She exuded "high fashion" in her stylish dress and known as the pocketbook lady because she travelled the country looking for unique handbags, which she sold from her basement showroom on North 3rd Street. Selma was active in Hadassah, Beth El Sisterhood, and the Blue Ridge Country Club. In later years, she was a volunteer at the Harrisburg Hospital gift shop. She loved all things yellow, decorating her home in yellow, driving a yellow car, and frequently wearing yellow. The color fit her bright outlook on life and her warm smile.


A Gift from her son, Edward Finkelstein

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