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Freedom and Responsibility - That’s the Deal

By David Cohen

This phrase “Freedom and Responsibility – That’s the Deal” was often used by a mentor of mine, and it has been swirling through my mind of late.  With the holiday of Passover coming up – the clear connection of our people to this concept is stark and compelling –…

Visions for Community and Campus

By David Cohen

The coming months will be important ones for our community in ways that I think we don’t yet even grasp.  Of course, some of our most important holidays are on the horizon.  Also, the spring will bring an intensified focus on Israel, the relationship between the United St…

Making Progress … Progress Needed

By David Cohen

With spring just ahead, our community’s focus will soon turn to a series of holidays that remind us of both the joys of being Jewish and the trials of what it means to be Jewish in today’s world.

During Purim, we will dress up and celebrate Esther and Mordecai’s leader…

JCCs and Jewish Federations: Made for this Moment

By David Cohen

I recently returned from JCC Association of North America’s Executive Forum in Denver, where CEOs from JCCs across the continent – and from Israel – gathered to learn, discuss best practices, and share our current challenges and opportunities.

What was abundantly clear…

When is it Antisemitism?

By David Cohen

A significant amount of our time these days revolves around the question – Is it antisemitism?

And while I am fairly certain you will not find a precise answer in the words and paragraphs to follow, I think there may be some valuable questions to consider when having this …