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Re-committing to Community, Re-engaging with Israel

By David Cohen

Though I began crafting this article before the horrific events in Israel, the larger themes, incredibly, have remained almost entirely intact.  I sensed a real need in our community to begin gathering more in person – as a community.  I also sensed a need to re-engage wi…

Kol Nidre and Star Gazing

By David Cohen

One of the things I like the most about this time of year in the Jewish Calendar is the way we are able to wrap some pretty important themes into a period of just a few weeks.  They are all important in their own right, but together, they serve to take us on a wonderful jour…

A Celebration of Creation, Beginnings, and All That Can Be Re-Imagined

By David Cohen

As Rosh Hashanah comes closer in the Jewish world, individuals and organizations often use this time of year to “take stock” and see how their past year has been – and reflect on some new directions they would like to take in the months ahead. 

And because we also har…

“For the Love of the Game” – Why I Love this Work!

By David Cohen

Entering my first week as the new President and CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg, a few different refrains were swirling around in my head.  As I recently expressed to our staff at our first gathering, there is a passion for this work that really should be …