CEO Letter - Community Review, April 10, 2020

by Jenn Ross

Whenever I write my column, I am aware that my message may be somewhat dated by the time Community Review is printed and delivered to you.  Since our building closure at 6pm on Monday, March 16, calculating time has perplexed me.  Information dramatically changes not only by the day, but by the hour, and it seems as though much more time has passed due to our reality being transformed so quickly.

I hope this message finds you healthy and well. Our amazing staff has been working tirelessly to support and engage you during this challenging time and continue to create and build community.  If you haven’t already partaken in our JCCatHome programming, I encourage you to visit to learn about the numerous opportunities available to you.

In our first week of closure, our programming staff and board were able to focus briefly on normal operations.  This was a much needed reprieve for me personally.  A JCCA consultant provided an overview of the Benchmarking survey, program data, and financial information.  Thank you to those of you who participated in this survey to share important guidance. We heard you and will be exploring ways to do even better as we reopen in the future.

If you are able, we need your help. Although many of our revenue streams ceased when we closed, our leadership has made a commitment to continue paying our staff through at least the end of April.  A pledge to the Annual Campaign always provides a critical resource, but this year, we are facing an emergency situation. Your support will enable us to reopen without still being in crisis mode when the crisis is over. You are able to make a payment online or you can email Beth Romano to make a pledge at  Thank you for your consideration.


This is a challenging and unprecedented time for everyone.  Financial hardship is impacting people and will likely continue to become more problematic.  Many people have been unable to partake in joyous occasions such as weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, family trips/gatherings, and visiting newborn loved ones.  Others are unable to see those they love, including the most vulnerable in hospitals and nursing homes.  I pray for a quick end to this unspeakable pandemic and hope that no one loses any loved ones in the meantime.  I pray for the day that we can come together in person as a community at our J and houses of worship and we can return to the life we knew before COVID-19 struck.

I wish you a meaningful Pesach, Easter, and/or other time of reflection.  Please let me know if I may be of support to you. I can still be reached at