Community Update on Attacks in Israel 10.7.23

Dear Friends,
With deepest apologies for the intrusion into our Shabbat and our Chaggim, we are writing amidst the unfortunate reality of today’s attacks in Israel.
As many of you are likely aware, Israelis awoke this morning to a widespread and calculated Hamas attack resulting in Israelis being taken hostage and thousands of Hamas rockets hitting southern and central Israel.  As of the writing of this message we are aware of over 250 deaths in Israel and are outraged at this latest attack on Israeli civilians. 
Our hearts go out to the people of Israel who face yet another assault on their safety and well-being.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.  In our own community we offer our full support to our Israeli families – in concert with all those who have relatives and friends working and living in Israel. 
We unequivocally condemn these acts of violence and terror against the State of Israel. The deliberate targeting of innocent civilians by Hamas is unacceptable and must be condemned by the international community, especially as Israel works to defend itself against these attacks.  

Local Security Concerns

We can assure the wider community of the following:
  • JFGH Leadership and our Security Team were in communication early Saturday morning and have been in constant communication throughout the day - and will be in the coming days as well.
  • Our JCC remains open throughout the weekend and front desk staff have been alerted to the need for increased vigilance.
  • We have been in communication with both Susquehanna Township and Harrisburg Police who are on alert and have committed to an increased police presence throughout our community.
  • The 3301 N. Front St. Campus will have visible, police parking lot presence ongoing – beginning this weekend.
  • Our Grass Campus has weekday security which focuses on Silver Academy.
  • We will be constantly reviewing the situation on the ground in Israel and assessing community needs here in Harrisburg and responding accordingly. 

What You Can Do / How You Can Help

  • Regarding our local security - be vigilant.  If you see something say something.  Be in touch with your organization’s leadership about security protocols and be on the lookout for programs provided by our new Federation security initiative which will provide training on emergency response protocols.
  • Join a Jewish Federations of North American webinar on Sunday, October 8th at 12:00 pm for further updates. 
    Register at
  • Contribute to a fund to support Israel created by the Jewish Federations of North America:
  • Follow news on the ground (Times of Israel updates)
There are also resources available for anyone who has been unable to reach loved ones in Israel and wants to check on their well-being, including:
We will continue to share information with you as events unfold.  In the meantime, our hearts remain with all those impacted by these terrible events in Israel and in our local community.
Abby Smith
JFGH Board Chair

David Cohen
President and CEO, JFGH