ELC Fundraiser Promotes Guardianship of the Earth

One of the most important Jewish values is Shomrei Adamah, being the guardian of the earth. It sounds a little like being a superhero, right?

At the JCC Brenner Family Early Learning Center, this teaching is one of our most important precepts. A major part of our curriculum involves our school’s garden. The Early Learning Center’s garden teaches us how to grow our own food and take care of the land.

The Jewish Holiday Tu B’ Shevat, the birthday of the trees, is this week. We celebrate the life sustaining force of our trees and the reciprocal relationship we as humans, have with them.

This year, ELC is having a fundraiser to help add new equipment and features to our beloved garden. We are offering several kinds of apparel for all ages and different products labeled with our special garden logo design by none other than Ms. Jodie herself. Our master gardener!!

GROW…NURTURE…NOURISH…INSPIRE…These are the words the JCC Early learning Center live by.

Please join us in wearing our spirit wear proudly and help support our cause by visiting https://jfghelc.itemorder.com/sale. They also make wonderful gifts.

Teaching our youngest children to love and care for the earth, THAT IS OUR SUPERPOWER!!!!!