Standing in Solidarity with Poway

Statement from the Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg and the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Harrisburg

Our hearts break again as another house of worship has been targeted. Congregants at Chabad of Poway, CA observing the final day of Passover and Shabbat were ruthlessly attacked on the six-month anniversary of the attack at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Christians are still dealing with the terror attacks on Easter in churches and hotels in Sri Lanka and it was only in March when Muslims were murdered in terror attacks in New Zealand.

Houses of worship are meant to be sanctuaries of faith, not places of fear. This hatred must cease. We condemn hate, intolerance, and murder of innocent people of all religions, races, nationalities, and beliefs. We stand in solidarity with Poway, with Sri Lanka, with New Zealand, and with Pittsburgh. We pray for the recovery of those injured and mourn with the family of Lori Kaye who died during the attack.

We believe in leading by example and that all political leaders and candidates at every level of government should focus on the issues and refrain from divisiveness.